Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's Not Pass/Fail. Thankfully.

First performance test is in the bag. You know it really is a maximal effort when you rush to hover over the toilet after each battery; just in case.


I've done some not-so-nice things to my body over the last few months. The headlines... the body fat %-age is up. A lot. The functional power is down. A lot. The maximal burst power is down. A lot. I could go on. Quantifying regret isn't the purpose, however. Assessment and use in drawing the plan going into 2012 is the mission for the day.

Many unknowns for next year's racing efforts. I have no idea what races, or even what type I want to do. But today I got a dose of knowlege that specific efforts aren't going to matter for quite a while. I've got to rehab the basic fitness and get the weight down before specificity needs consideration.