Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stage 3: Buddhertz

Today dawns with legs that feel good. Excited and hopeful for a long ride today. Target is 60.miles, self-paced.

I set out, and instantly I'm reminded of yesterday's ride. My butt hurts. Bad. It's not chaffed. No saddle sores. But it feels bruised. Turrible. I was a bit worried yesterday I was setting myself up for some real pain as my butt ached on the ride. I hoped it would 'heal' quickly. It hasn't. I carry on. Often aches and pains are present at the start of a ride. And often as the blood gets flowing and kinks work out things improve. I'm still hopeful.

Things do get better, but never comfortable. What is usually a comfy saddle, today is torture. I'm determined so I carry on. I stand. I shift my position. Nothing is helping. By mile fifteen it's too much. The spontaneous and unstoppable tears are a clear indicator enough-is-enough.

Stopping short sucks. Legs feel great. Capable. So I need to take a day or two off the saddle. Then I'll recycle through (without riding on the HighBall!). Now it's a personal challange!