Friday, October 21, 2011

Stage 2: 20 Miles

Day two of shocking the body. I hop on the HighBall today. This isn't a long ride. Only a 20.mile goal. Today I pack the DSLR camera. Wanted to check out how it packs on the bike and to take some photos. I take the MKT trail all the way to downtown. After some wandering I find how to get on the opposite side of the bayou across from UHD.


There is an old pump station here. I stop for some photos...







The break is good. I'm about eight miles in, but my butt is starting to hurt. I reverse my path and head to the northwest up the White Oak Bayou trail. I turn around at Ella. My butt is absolutely screaming at this point. This is the longest I've ridden the HighBall on the road. On the trial, where I spend significant time out-of-the saddle I've not had any pain. But this long seated and I'm dying. I ride the last three miles home standing as much as possible. OOOuch.

I make my goal for today. Barely. Painfully. Proud that I didn't give up despite the painful arse.