Thursday, September 8, 2011

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Today... the plan is a 2:hour Tempo paced ride. I'm feeling pretty frisky today. I think I'll pin it to the top of the Tempo power range. As the ride proceeds... indeed I'm keeping this ride pinned. I constantly nibble at the bottom of the threshold zone. The legs feel greeeeeeat. The lungs are clear, and the heart rate seems pretty normal (not sky high like yesterday).

Today's ride is under an unusual atmosphere. Tons of nearby wild fires. Blowing smoke abounds. The sky is gray, but not with clouds. Can't really smell the smoke. But... from time to time invisible particulates waft into my eyes. It makes them tear up. Burns. But it isn't gritty like when sand blows at the beach. The ambient light is sooper warm. A photographers dream. In fact, I saw two out shooting architecture photos. This is a rare event, to have rich light like this. So rare, I paused to take a few snaps with the P&S myself...






...would have like to taken some better set up shots with the DSLR.

Some time on the foam roller completes the day's training.