Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Fresh Start

I lost my computer. Left it in my suitcase. Sitting on the street. Where I placed it while I loaded my bike in the rack. I drove off without putting it in the truck. Also in suitcase... my thumbdrive with all of my training data. Four years worth. Because of the likelihood of losing a thumbdrive... I *did* keep a back up of the information on it. On the laptop. That was in the suitcase.

So... I've been busy rebuilding my training spreadsheet. My training log has evolved over the years. It is designed to minimize the time spent typing in stuff. I'd rather do other things than type stuff in to a computer. I like the presentation of the data. It's simple. And mostly graphical. Because I'd rather ride my bike rather than pour over numbers. I was tempted to chunk it. I use WKO+. But several times I've discovered trends, or patterns, or diagnosed training mistakes with it more easily than I ever could with WKO+ or Training Peaks. So reconstruct... I shall. And make a few improvements along the way.

Back to regular business... the weather is also off to a fresh start. After weeks of record heat... we are challenging overnight low... yes low... temperature records. As I set out on my ride tonight... I'm feeling... different. Not run down. Not beat up. It's a mere 88°F. It feels wonderful.

Nothing special tonight. Just a simple 4x 5'min set at 90-110%FTP. Not sure why but my heartrate is sooper high tonight. I hit my (theoretical age-based) maximum tonight. The intervals don't feel that hard. It may be dehydration. I didn't drink much water today. The air is dry too. We'll see what happens over the next few days...

Today's trace.. isn't a 'pretty' as those done on rollers...


... but a heck of a lot more fun!