Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Natures Disco Lights

Plan: Early session of 7'min intervals at 110%FTP. Afternoon tempo ride on the trail.

What happened: Early ride didn't happen. Work emergency. The afternoon ride is... errr. delayed. Nearby thunderstorm make the go/nogo decision tough. I watch the radar. The storm is intense. But isolated. And looks like it will pass just to the west of my route. Screw it... I'm goin'. I'll deal with whatever comes...

The wind is so strong, and so dry and dusty visibility is only about 3 blocks. Crazy. By the time I reach the trail head it is dark. Tons of lightening, but far enough away not be a bother. Into the trees. Let's go...


The lightning makes an eerie strobe effect. Like a highschool dance. Lightening. Dark. Alone. In the woods. Creepy yet relaxing after a hard day. This always look just a liiitle different at night...


I stay dry until the very end. Just light sprinkles, but as powdery as the trails are right now... I dont't want to get caught out. It will be soupy. The raindrops are cooling. Welcome this time of year. Home. Shower. Sleep.