Friday, August 19, 2011

Double Up

Plan: Another split ride today. Early session is short intense intervals. 5'min x 110%FP, 3'min recovery. Later session is trail ride at a medium pace about 90'minutes.

Result: I jump on the rollers to avoid the major heat of the day for the first session. The nice thing about rollers, is the ability to keep the pace absolutely consistant.


Even nicer is doing it in the living room when it's like a blast furnace outdoors. All is well. Routine.

The afternoon session is outdoors. There is no avoiding it. It's H-O-T!


No meowing, I set off in the heat armed with four water bottles. The ride to the trail is the worst part. Concrete. 104 ° F. Treeless Houston. This was a welcomed site. Shade.


I must be crazy to be out in this heat... the normally crowded trails are almost empty. For some reason I'm in tune with the trail today. The human-machine-trail interface is all in tune and flowing (as best as possible at MP). The legs are bit tired from the earlier session. That's good, making what little elevation change MP offers into a challange. The roller work appears effective.

Only squeeze in about 40'minutes on trail, and I'm out of water. Four bottles in an hour. I divert to my nearby office, which luckily has this...


If it were big enough I would jump in. I settle for stuffing bottles with it. The respite from the heat was needed. It doesn't take long and I'm back to the house, and off for an evening of travel...