Saturday, August 6, 2011

Colorado Riding, Day 2

Day starts out with a futile ride around Boulder. I get lost. While I could probably quickly relocate my destination, I enjoy a ramble around the city. I ride through the downtown area, the historic district (really nice), and out to Colorado University area. All nice and very different parts of town.

I finally arrive at my destination, a camera shop, only to find it is closed. Fun exploring anyway.

The altitude hasn't bothered me. Not a bit. And I'm surprised. Home elevation is 50 feet. Boulder is 5,300-ish. I run the numbers on density altitude. I'm surprised... despite the 5,000+ ft of elevation... because of the lack of humidity, the density altitude is actually lower than what I've been riding through in Houston.

But the day isn't over. I return to Valmont for another dose.


My technique starts getting sloppy. And I'm deadmanning the bars. I'm tired.

Only some minor riding tomorrow for photo ops during the IM70.3 race.