Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Road Blocks

Continuing cold put me on the aluminium road again. Threshold intervals are the plan. This turns into the best ride I've had in weeks. My heartrate, perceived exertion, power levels were all in agreement. My HR was more than 10 beats per minute lower than the same effort last week. And instead of consistantly climbing through the effort, it leveled off and stabilized as I'd expect to see.

Despite this ride going very well physically, at one point I just wanted to give up. No good reason. Physically, I felt fine. There was just the overwhelming desire to not be on the bike. 100% mental. I worked through it, and glad I did. But, it was mentally taxing during a ride that should have been completely enjoyable. I've ran into this road block before. I wonder if it's common? I'd guess that it is, but never heard it discussed.

Despite the attitudinal hiccup, the week is off to a great start.