Monday, February 7, 2011

Riding the Aluminium Road

Planned to race the Texas Super Six on Saturday. My plan was simply to use the time as training. Six hours is what the training plan calls for, so why not do it at a race? But my recent training hasn't been up to my planned level. Ready for six hours? Probably not. Strike One.

We've also had record cold and an ice storm on Friday. Would the weather clear? How cold would Saturday be? Yes... I'm a cold wimp. Strike Two.

I hadn't prepared my nutrition, my bike, nothing really and it was getting late. Cram it? No. Strike Three. I'm out.

Instead of a long trail riding adventure I settled for a long session on the rollers. The aluminium road that leads no where. Not so bad. Because the complete lack of coasting, constant effort, the rollers are much more efficient. I meet my TSS and caloric goals in about half of the time it would take on the trail.

Not as much fun, but it fit into my weekend needs much better. I didn't have to deal with snow and ice up Palisades. I got an equivalent amount of 'work' into the legs.

The next two weeks are critical. It's gettin' late in the "off-season" to get ready for the "on-season". Focus, focus, focus is the plan.