Monday, February 28, 2011

A Postulate

On an out-and-back ride, the magnitude of anomalously easy the ride outbound portion seems, will become twice the magnitude of anamalously hard the inbound portion seems.
A windy Sunday endurance ride along Parmer Ln in Austin put me in the weeds for a bit. It was dreary and misting. Solid overcast. Low ceiling. I roll out noticing a significant wind. Remind myself... take it easy! All is fine. Then the U-turn...

I nearly sag out of this ride. The sun comes out. The wind batters and blows. Patience required. I hate going this slow, but one can't utilize speed for gauging effort on a day like this. The Jeffy Pants wind indicator works though.

It's a flagpole bender today. I stop for a moment to stretch after a hill. I stick it out. I make it back. Mostly due to a well timed Soulive song that shuffles into the iPod. Can't stop moving with tunes like that!

This ride felt good despite the difficulty. Looking over the power data. I'm satisfied. A bit more intensity than I set out for. But I kept the effort up better than I thought I did. I think it's a case of effort distortion syndrome. A day of rest tomorrow.