Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Playing Catch Up

This season's plan was built with a sharply progressive increase in workload. January's setback put me behind. Missing several weeks meant starting over at Week 1. Remember what those teachers told you? Cramming doesn't work. True for training, too. After spending most of January sick, the temptation to cram is strong. I haven't crammed. But I've added just a bit more workload over the last few weeks. Not a lot. Not if I was too tired. Just a bit more on the threshold intervals. Just a little extension of the endurance rides. Gentle additions.

The gentile additions have added up. Now I'm in reach of catching up to my oringinal pre-sickness plan. This week was supposed to be an easy week leading into a "C" race, then recovery week. I'm not interrupting my progress. I have more important races later in the season. And I don't need the rest. This week and next the progressive addition of workload continues. Bit-by-bit loading of training stress into the legs. Tonight... some intense 6x 10'min intervals... that'll keep the heart pounding!