Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Fest!

I'm not talking about an outdoor fete celebrating a change in season. This was a festival of falling off the bike!

Saturday was a trip to Muleshoe Bend for some fun under exquisitely mild fall weather. Feeling a bit fatigued. But as I start to ride... I come to understand that I have absolutely no kick today. That's okay, it's been a hard week. Spark isn't expected. Given lack of kapow... I endeavor to ride with skill.

I come up short there too! I struggle with loose gravel. I fall - several times. I'm not sure if the gravel is looser because it's dry, or if I just haven't ridden this type of surface in too long. I feel like I'm riding on ice. I do know this... tire pressure and suspension settings that work fine on Huntsville sand and roots don't work on hill country rocks.

It's still a fun day, though! Glad I had my first aid bag...

... not that I was injured so bad, but it's nice to be able to clean up before driving to meet the loved one. As I write this on Sunday, no bruises or soreness. Excited about the upcoming week...