Thursday, September 23, 2010

T- is for Threshold

Threshold Thursday! Pretty excited as I leave the house this evening. I'm tired, but still putting in my work for the day. The plan... 2 by 20's at ++100%FTP with a 30sec sprint every 2min. I'm determined to do these at a truly maximal pace. I run into the West End ride on the way to the Froot Loop. I consider ditching my plan and jumping on, but decide riding in a pack isn't my plan for today. This would be a mistake.

Tons of folks out in the fall weather today. The squirrels and pathletes were out in full force. It's crowded. I ramp up for the first interval and run into a huge pack. This is OK, but it's harder to pace in a pack. I don't want to mess my interval up by sprinting away. Don't want to slow down either. The periodic sprint means I'm surging in and out of folks. I do the best I can. Hmmm... I came here to escape traffic.

The crowd clears out for the second interval. And the pacing is much, much better. I realize after a sprint or two... I'm running out of gas. If I continue them, I'll not see the end of this interval. I ditch them. The threshold work is more important, and I hold it as designed. I try to kick it up for the last minute, but there's not much there. My pacing is pretty close.

A full harvest moon comes out for the easy paced ride back to the house. Nice. Fall is here.