Sunday, June 13, 2010

Training Works

Sunday brings me to Double Lake. I was here six weeks ago, for my first real dirt ride since being injured. Two goals for the day. First a 3hour tempo ride. Second a check to see how I'm progressing.

The legs feel marvelous today. They feel "right" today. Everything just works. Like it's supposed to. I'm riding strong. The bike's going where I want it. And the pace is OK for this early in the season.

The comparision to where I was six weeks ago... is WOW! All of the elements missing last time are in place today. Tangible proof that training works! I'm pleased with the bike handling progress and the fitness progress -so far. The season's off to a good start.

I start running out of daylight before my legs are empty! Don't want to stop! I'm feeling bullet proof today! But I must. Still plenty in the tank for next week. Looking forward to another strong week, more weekend trail riding, and some careful eating.