Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Long One.

I bedded down last night a bit apprehensive about today's ride. My allergies were kickin'. This morning I awoke to the sound of rain! Hooray! It rained until about midday. Effectively knocking all the pollen out of the air.

I start a bit late, but well fueled on pancakes, canadian bacon, and banana.

I'm rolling out late because of the rain delay. It's a nice day. Clearing clouds. Temperature perfect. Winds are out of the east. My route today... starts with a looong stretch to the... east! I fight the urge to pin it. When I stay in my zone... I'm moving slow. I'll need patience today. If I go too hard... I'll only suffer later.

While climbing the Tidwell railroad bridge I run across this interesting peice of litter. Look closely. Hmm... good for a laugh on a challenging slog.

Last time I was in this area I saw a goat. Today I spy horseback riders.

Saw several more horse riders later on as well. Northeast Harris County has a lot of horses. Neat.

My destination today was Lake Houston. Unfortunately, what looked like a cut through on Google maps... was a locked gate on a high school campus. The only way to get to my route was to double back about eight miles, or ride on the Beltway. The Beltway... not the feeder. NO!

I never make it to the lake. Bummer. Turn tail for home. The wind's enough crosswind to make it feel like a headwind. My PowerTap craps out about an hour from home. Dead battery likely. I'm zapped, too. The only thing keeping me going is the scratch made jambalaya I have waiting at the house.

Soon enough I'm home. Fed. Tired. Total for today 78-miles. Longest ride since September. Feels great! My only remaining task for today is climbing into bed, elevating my legs, and drifting off to slee....