Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day of Unusual Sights

Today's mission. Consolidate the work from yesterday. I like following up endurance efforts with a low intensity, but semi-long effort. Today I have an errand to run cross-town. Tailormade for what I want today. A long, but leisurely pace ride.

Off I go. I'm on the Elysian Street Viaduct and hear an unusual noise. I look over the other side and see a steam engine. A genuine old fashioned steam engine!

What a unique sight and sound. I catch another glempse of it as it crosses over.

After finishing my errand I run into this doggy. Don't worry he isn't driving. I don't think. But he's indeed huge!

Nearing home I see this unfortunate sight...

From a distance this looked like bad news. Tons of smoke. Eight or nine fire trucks. Luckily it looks like someone only had a damaged garage...

Returned home glad my house wasn't on fire. The driving dog didn't run over me. And I saw a steam locomotive today. Legs felt great after the ride. The fitness is coming back. In some ways I'm ahead of where I thought I'd be. Satisfied for now, looking forward to the road ahead.