Monday, March 8, 2010

Elbow Update

Several have asked about my elbow. I didn't mention it in this weekend's entries. I'm wearing an elbow pad. Not so much to prevent another break, but the plate pokes through the skin pretty good. You can see it when I bend my elbow. My fear is falling and scraping it. Seems the sharp edge would just grate right thorough the skin. Something I need to ask Doc about on Friday.

No pain on Saturday. At all. I forgot my elbow pad. It was sunny. And I got a touch of sunburn on my arms, but burned pretty bad on the splotches where I had road rash. New skin burns easily.

On Sunday, there was a bit of dull pain while riding. Feeling like joint pain, more than tendonitis. I've been doing well with my strengthening, but the joint has not experienced any shock loading. By Sunday night... the 'bow was quite sore and stiff. My ROM was way down. I didn't wear my splints, to give a rest.

It's better today. Today's a rest day, so this fits in well. I hope to pickup a full-time training schedule this week. But given that 4-1/2 hours of riding left me this sore, I may limit my action. I'm monitoring carefully how it bounces back from this weekend.