Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Plodding Along

Plodding along. Not only rehabbing the elbow, I'm rehabbing my cycling fitness too. The elbow continues to improve. When it's good it nears 100% range of motion in flexion. When it's bad it still has a few degrees to go. In extension (straightening) is being stubburn. My OT is setting me up with anther type of splint to open things up.

My cycling rehab is about where my elbow was six weeks ago. That is... just at the beginning. In some ways I've given up on reaching for long rides. I've only got a few more weeks until I'm riding outdoors. Just trying to prep the legs for that, rather than focusing on gaining specific fitness.

Tonight's meal...Spicy Red Pepper Pasta inspired by In this pot fettuccini:

In my way-too-big wok: broccoli, sun dried red tomatos, red pepper and some olive oil:

Cook both and combine. Add some lemon juice and zest:

Super simple. Super quick. Super tasty.