Friday, January 29, 2010

Inching Closer

This photo may not look too exciting to most. But to me... it's awesome! I'm able to reach the tops now, and if I really cheat by dropping my shoulder I can reach the hoods. Putting my hand on the handle bar gains me a step closer to riding again. Although I can't support much weight, being able to reach the bar allows me to square up my shoulders which makes my spinning form on the trainer much, much better. Which in turn keeps my hips from rocking, which in turn keeps my bahonkus from getting irritated. Amazing how interconnected the body is sometimes.

I'm also doing some things with my arm completely unconsiously. I noticed myself using it to steer the truck yesterday. Two weeks ago, this would not have been possible. Now, it's a thoughtless action -the way it should be.

All this is to say... the arm is getting a lot better. the long-awaiting breakthrough period has arrived. Just like training... sometimes the body requires weeks and weeks of seemingly wasted effort, but the gains often come in one sudden, giant dose. Encouraging, comforting, and exciting.