Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Strengthening Begins

Doc cleared me to begin strengthening on Wednesday. At my PT session on Friday, my therapist started me out doing bicep and tricep curls. I'm starting out with a laughable 2-lbs! Now I've seen 2-lb barbells at the store before. And wondered, 2lbs? Why bother? Now... 12 reps at 2-lbs is a full workout. I can't get do more than about 3 reps with a 3-pounder. Oh.. how I've fallen. I'll progress to 3-lb then 5-lb and so on.

My range of motion has improved, but just a little. I now have a splint to place constant tension on my elbow in flexion (pulling up). Looks kinda like some perverse torture device. But if it works, I'm all good with it...