Monday, January 4, 2010


A grim evening. First comes the test results. Tonight I face reality in the face. I step on the scale and execute a performance test. Eight weeks off the bike and riding the couch does aweful things to the legs! Having to do the whole thing on one-hand isn't optimal. But still... I've lost a lot of fitness and gained a lot of weight.

Today begins the road back. Goals for this year are difficult to choose. I tend toward choosing goals based on pre-injury abilities. But know I cannot. An expectation adjustment looms. Those are never fun.

If the test data wasn't grim enough... about 9PM my neighbor knocked on my door. She asked to borrow a shovel. Huh? Turned out her daughter's doggy got run over by a car. Awww man. Cute little pup, too. Indeed I did have a shovel, and held a light as the neighbor dug Sweetie's final home. And then I cried. Sux.