Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Made A List and Yet...

I left something critical at home this morning. I check my list twice and set out for Waller County for a long country road ride. As I arrive at my parking location, I realize I forgot my cell phone. Meh, no need for it unless something goes wrong with the new bike.

As I take my key off the ring and go to put in the my seat bag... it's not there. I haven't put it back on after the build. That means no spare toob, no CO2 carts, no tools. Hmmm. No phone. No spares. Nearly deserted roads in the middle of nowhere. The prospect of any mechanical issue morphing into a 10-mile walk... in bike shoes... doesn't seem appealing, even if odds are remote. So back to the house, grab the bag, and back to the parking location! I forget the phone. Again. But I've got my tool, spares, and should be AOK.

This is a new route for me. This photo pretty much sums up the back roads of Waller County. Flat. Free of traffic. Some nice countryside. Reminds me of where I grew up!

I try to draft the hay-hauler, but he is just a leeeetttle bit too fast!

The late start equates to heat. Lots of heat! The sun is beaming. The blast coming off the tarmac is stunning. Like a slap in the face. Even the cows are smart enough to seek shade! Are they mocking me?

The heat hurts my performance. The power's down and not to my target. Even carrying an extra water bottle to splash on the head, there's not much I can do in heat-of-the-day. This heat would take the fight out of Muhammad Ali. It's not the workout I wanted. I get the volume at least. At completion, a bad discovery...

Some bassterd would-be thief tried to break into my truck last night. This is not a surprise. My model of truck is the most burglarized vehicle in America. For good reason. It's real easy to get into. What I hadn't noticed... is that the key won't operate the lock because of the damage. Same on the driver's side from a previous break-in. I'm locked out. I didn't realize this, because I'd been using the keyless entry fob. The fob, that I don't carry when I ride. I take the key off. Uh-oh. No cell phone either!

Lucky, lucky me went back to fetch his bike tool! With much foolery, swearing, and brute force I complete the would-be thief's job! A Topeak bike tool isn't too good for burglarizing cars. But can work in a pinch. Good to konw. Time to fix some doors.