Saturday, August 22, 2009


This frameset followed me home.

Can I keep it? Yup. Techincally, I have not bought another bike. This frame is replacing my current rhode bike. It's a little nicer than what I've got, but more importantly it's a size smaller. I'm a tweener on a road bike. I finished up the build on Friday. A long ride tomorrow will tell whether I'm satisfied with the fit. If so, I'll sell the larger frame. Or not.

Got out for a couple of rounds of disc golf at TC Jester with my friend TC. Been a loooong time since I've thrown and it felt good. Could this count as crosstraining? Nah.

The cross theme contined. We ventured over to Stude Park to check out the CX course. Here's a shot across White Oak Bayou...

From here it looks innocent enough. But upclose, it's a long climb that also steeeep. This course is gonna hurt. In a good way! Mostly it looks to be hella fun! I. am. excited.