Friday, July 31, 2009

Thresholds and Steak

A threshold ride provides today's challenge. There isn't much to say about this ride. I ramp it up, keep it pinned just a hair above threshold and keep it there for the 20min time. Repeat two more times. You know you've done threshold rides right when you start out saying "this is easy" and by the end you're wondering if you'll be able to finish.

I managed to cook a meal tonight. This started with some beef sirloin steaks...

I like sirloin, but I'm careful with selecting a good cut. It's pretty lean, but will stay tender if you're careful not to overcook it. I sliced some 'maters capped with a slice of jack and basil leafs from my garden. These went into the oven. BUT... don't put the basil on until they come out of the oven. They just turn black.

While the 'maters were cooking... I made a sauce by deglazing the pan with brandy. Then added some dijon mustard, a bit of heavy cream, chives, and blue cheese.

Just toss in and reduce. I'm terrible at reducing sauces. No patience! Here's how the roasted tomato turned out with replaced basil leafs...

Served with some roasted potatoes. The beef and sauce were tasty. The tomato, while ok, isn't a rawker. Some homegrown tomatoes probably would have been good. But my tomato growing is over for this season. Dommage.