Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some Favorites

One of my favorite ride plans tonight. The goals alternate between VO2max intervals and longer (but short for LT) just-over-threshold intervals. It's a full out assault on the upper regions of the effort zones. These are good efforts but not too painful because they are short. Lots of panting! I chose to do most of the effort on 12th Street...

This isn't a very scenic part of town. It's an industrial area, with some new homes mixed in. Only in Houston! Most importantly it's devoid of traffic, and has an uninterrupted stretch that just fits my longest interval of the day. Perfect.

Here's the postride meal. Chicken and shrooms. Pan fried chicken breasts. I used a sweet marsala wine to saute some shrooms.

Then added just a bit of heavy cream and reduced. Served up with some cut beans and some garden bowtie pasta for color...

Makes a simple, quick, and tasty meal.