Sunday, May 10, 2009

Scurried Weekend!

Non-stop hustle this weekend. Well, not entirely true. Friday night I slept 14-hours! Man, that felt gooood. Back to the hustle...

Saturday, after finally waking, I rode down to the annual Art Car Parade. Yup, forgot the camera! It was still coool. It's really hard to describe art cars, because there is no typical art car. And it's probably Houston's only unique feature of Houston culture. That and concrete. Here some other's photos of the event >HERE<.

Then it was off to Katy for a friend's 40-th birthday party and crawfish boil. Then a return to town and chilling with my neighbor. It was nice to lay my head on my pillow.

Sunday, SUNDAY, SUNNNNDDAAAYY! Was a ride up at Huntsville. After a week off the bike it felt great to be in the forest.

My Garmin has died. So no HRM, no powerTap, no nothing. How would I measure the effort? I just decided to go for it! And rode the two fastest laps I've ever ridden out there. The improvement almost exactly mirrors the FTP gain %-age I've seen this season. Yes, in theory, they should correlate. Now it's time for some cleaning an bike maintenance...

Today was also the first real hot day of the season. Nothing is better after laps than baby wipes. Great for getting the salt off. Here's my trick, put them in your cooler. That way they are cold for even more refreshment punch!