Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Unexpected

Today starts with a good breakfast.

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

This trip goes through the east end of downtown to Hermann park. I feel sorry for anyone driving to the zoo today! There's a solid traffic jam from Caroline to the zoo.

Probably an hour's wait. Unless you were on a bike... I cut lanes down the centerline. Kind of taxing. 100% concentration required and it was tight. Constantly on the look out for opening doors. Tinted windows are not your friend in this situation. I can't see what the people inside are doing for clues...

After the park comes Braes Bayou trail.

I've never ridden this path before. It's OK. Narrow in spots. Overall the design is satisfies. The water stinks! Even down to the routing through rather than around the power line towers! One must be creative when blazing through the city...

From here the route goes through Bellaire, up S.Rice Av., down Westpark, through River Oaks, and then down Allen Pkwy towards downtown...

The winds of change are blowing stong today over at AIG!

Finally back through the west end of downtown and back to the house.

This is a new route for me. Looking at the 30-MPH winds, the length, and how I've been feeling, I expected 3-ish hours. Riding at a comfortable pace was my only mission. I didn't watch the power, just kept the pace comfy. In the end.. it was only a hair over 2 hours. Too short, but a sure indication I'm feeling better. Things return to full-bore tomorrow. YAY!