Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Bad Week For Houston Cyclists!

Here's a tally of this week's mayhem for Houston cyclists:

  • One cyclist got shot. Twice. By some attempted muggers on the Terry Hershey Park trail.
  • One cyclist died of a sudden heart attack just before one of the weekly group rides... ironically known as "The Death Ride".
  • A cyclist had a head-on (applied directly to the forehead) wreck with another cyclist on the White Oak Bayou trail. Heard that one was messy.
  • And one (motor)cyclist got creamed by a car blowing a stop sign a block from my house today. I heard that sickening thud from this one.

The kid that hit him ran. But my neighbors nabbed him and hogtied him with wire ties until the cops arrived! The best part of that was momma bear from up the street giving the guy two barrels of proctective mom verbal buckshot. Then she turns to her son, points to the motorcyclist in the street and says "that's why I tell you to stay out of the street". I don't blame her. The driver that blew through the stop sign was going like 60 through the neighborhood and blew right through two stop signs on his way to this accident scene.


Be careful out there!