Monday, March 30, 2009

Cough! Caugh! Akkkkpoo! Cough! Cough! Pffffttt!

Those are some of the noises created on today's ride. The caughing got bad and I recieved many odd looks. Not surprising. I sounded like an emphysema patient riding in full kit. I probably could have done with an oxygen bottle and cannula. Do they make one small enough to fit in a jersey pocket?

The ride was nothing spectacular. Just some Z2-3 stuff. Wanted to go harder, but, anytime I need lung power... well... the coughing begins. Then the snot rockets. Oh, mercy the snot rockets. Some of those required two breaths! Yes, a double breath snot-rocket. Thank goodness for that patch of terry cloth on the gloves.

I'm trying this again tomorrow...