Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shuffle the Deck

As dreary as last week was, this week has been beautiful. I've put the weather to full use. It. Has. Been. Greeeaatt!

A recent performance test reset my power levels higher. That's because the results were good! (more on that another day...) The results mean my workouts are significantly harder now. I'm having to re-establish my base around the higher FTP wattage.

Today, 10-minutes into a tempo ride... I realized I hadn't eaten enough. I quickly downed everything in the back-pocket-buffet. That amounted to a grand total of 6 Clif Shot Blocks. About 25-minutes into the ride... I realized I hadn't drank enough water today and was cramping like a mofo. Ouch. I pounded through after a short recovery and slamming some more sport drink.

The uppped wattage is challangeing but fun. I like the overreach.

Unfortunately, some pounds have attached themselves and taken home around my waist! They must go. I'm having to cut calories. Hence, todays near-bonk-experience. Yup, I'm upping the intensity while simultaneously cutting calories. This will be tricky.