Friday, July 25, 2008

Dodging Dolly's Downpours

Hurricane Dolly made landfall far from the Houston area. Yet, we got a strong gulf moisture in-flow. That's meant sporadic, but, heavy rainfall. The clouds gathered Wednesday afternoon. Rain drizzled as I lead-out from the house but never got heavier. Got in my prescribed 4-hour base ride -dry- and returned home. I returned long enough to have a recovery drink, and get out of the bike kit and the skies opened up! HA! Just made it!

Yesterday, luck ran out. It was pouring. It's odd. If I'm out riding and it rains, I make peace with it and savor it. But taking off in the rain is infinately more difficult. I stayed in and took care of some domestic tasks.

Today, I'm going to do something I rarely do - combine workouts. Yesterday the menu held a 1.5-hr Tempo ride. Today's menu was 4x6:00 R6 Z4-5a intervals. Feeling that I need to do both... I'm going to do both. I'll shorten the intervals to three or four minutes then follow with the tempo ride. Rest and recovery is slated for Saturday.