Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sooper Sunday

Early-morning dirt today. I arrived at the trailhead and someone at a nearby campsite was cooking bacon. Oh my... the tummy started growling. I had a small package of Cheeze-Its that I quickly downed. From there I hit the dirt. Had a good ride. Ran into a few folks from H-town. Surprisingly it wasn't too hot. It pays to get an early start!

I felt a bit askew! This was the result from a trip over-the-bars! The gal behind me said it was the most graceful dismount ever! Actually, I think the words "mentally disabled gymnist" were used! HA! Kinda hard to explain but I went over and pretty much ended up doing a cartwheel/handstand on the trail! I wasn't going very fast, so no serious harm done. Ma ka-nee is spranged a bit, though...

The ka-nee started getting stiff while packing up the truck. The only thing I had for an icepack was a bag that a jersery came in. Just for the record CapoForma jersey bags make great ice packs!