Monday, June 16, 2008

doG Darn It Was Hot!

This is me... panting like a dog...

On the menu today 8x4:00 R4 anaerobic intervals. The legs didn't feel very good leading out from the house. They didn't get any better. I meowed after 2 intervals. Just. Could. Not. Doit. Not worth doing low-quality training...

Sometimes it's just not your day. Today's training started with a dead GPS. I really like my Garmin Edge. But, today it would not turn on. Completely dead. An omen perhaps? I have a Forerunner 301, too, but the HR montior has always been skiddish. I hurriedly rigged up a mount on the bike so I could have some hope of montioring the HR. I love zip ties! The HR montior worked today, luckily.

After my "ride" I got online in the hope of a solution. Google is your friend. HERE IS A USEFUL LINK. Pressing and holding the Mode+Lap button reset it. I've turned it on and off about 10 times and so-far-so-good.