Monday, June 9, 2008

I Fear No Orange Peel

Three pieces were left to colorsand and compound. First was the rear wing. It was difficult! That thing is loaded with compound curves and sharp edges. Each waiting to be a burn through.

With lots of patience and a very low speed on the buffer pad, I prevailed!

Then onto the engine cover. I sprayed this thing really, really dry.

Here's a close up of the orange peel. Yikes!

Surprisngly, it mowed down and polished up fine... Then on to the front bumper, which wasn't as bad. Still, the plastic bumper is not easy to compound. I did as little cutting as possible. It's tough to get a good attack with the pad.

Then a final wash so any spots that I need to polish up will be easily visible... I'll get that knocked out tomorrow and it's final assembly!