Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Today was a R&R day. Good time to do some maintenance on the Stumpy. The miles have racked up, so it was time for some larger items. I removed the cassette for a good cleaning and to get the dork disk off. It was cracked, rattleing around, and generally getting on my nerves. I pitched it. It makes a decent frisbee!

Then I proceeded to service the rear hub. My best advice here, be careful with the ball bearings on the inside. If you drop one they are almost impossible to find. A strong magnet helps to locate them. I'm just sayin'. As you can see the drive side was pretty grungy. Not bad, but good to have it serviced.

I'll spare the details of hub overhaul. There's not really much to it anyway. The frame got a good washing too.

I also tightened the shift cables. Man, what a difference! I hadn't noticed the loss of crispness. I suppose cable stretch is a gradual thing that creeps in. Since I had the cassette off, I readjusted the rear derailleur. For some reason the B-screw was way off. Not sure why, but it's all good now. I think Shimano makes their adjustment screws out of butter. It doesn't seem to matter what screwdriver I use, but the heads always get chewed up.

Finishing touches included adjusting the brake lever reach and aligning the calipers.

Job done.