Monday, February 4, 2008

Owwweeee! 2nd Day's The Worst?

Not sure if it's second day soreness, or the way I slept last night, but the ribs were killing me when I woke up. Getting out of bed was close to un-possible. Took me a good 15-minutes of trying to find a way to get up without rolling or twisting in a way that made me see stars!

Other than the ribs, everything else is great. I got a nice strawberry coming in on the hip. I think I see an image of Jeebus in it.... That spot doesn't hurt though, so that's kinda nice! Ironically, the painful ribs show no external signs of bruising. Go figure.

The biggest bruise of all is to my ego. It's embarrassing to fall at LakeLake. The place is smooth enough to ride on a CX bike. I did, afterall, ride off of what amounts to a sidewalk and into a bridge. ;-) Total DA move. Seems that I have difficulty with the easy parts and handle the difficult parts with ease. A concentration/focus issue, perhaps?

I have to admit in a manner this feels good. It's a reminder that I'm doing something physical and athletic. This mountain biking thing is fun, falls and all! Now, back to my heating pad!