Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jinxed Day?

Saturday started out with some Beeeeeuuutteeeeffffuulll weather! I awoke with great excitement - looking forward to getting in some quality trail time. I hurriedly packed up the truck and headed north on I-45, bound for Huntsville State Park. One little problem... I ran into this:

Never good to see an ambulance making its way to a wreck. After clearing the wreck, and spirits raised, it was on to Huntsville!

Unfortunately, I didn't know there was the Rocky Racoon adventure race going on! Several hundred runners on the trails = no biking here. Disappointed, I headed back south, comtemplating what to do with the rest of the day. Then I saw an exit to Coldspring - home of Double Lake. AHA! Undaunted and determined to get some riding in, I took the exit. This, despite not having a map, or a clue how to get there. I made it, too!

I decided I'd ride two laps flat out - race effort, then two more tempo paced laps. The ride went great. The heart was pumping, legs felt good, and I was making a great pace! Then, I came across this little section of trail...

It's a low spot with concrete blocks and a short wood bridge. Here's what happened, I dropped off the right hand side of the concrete blocks. You can see my track at the bottom of the picture. I tried to bunny hop back onto the concrete. Good plan, bad execution. I didn't get back on the block. Then BAM! I'm flying through the air and the bridge planks were rushing up to greet me!

My front wheel had hit the big sqaure board on side of the wood bridge (at top of picture). The bike stopped instantly, I however, kept right going over the handle bars! Darn near cleared the wooden bridge!

I knew there was a rider behind me that I'd just passed... so I dragged myself to the side of the trail, releived I could move, and tried to catch my breath. Nothing broken. No blood. Good! I sat at the side of trail for about 5-minutes collecting my thoughts, breath, and trying to see what kind of shape I was in. As I sat there I could feel my muscles tightening up, and knew if I didn't get moving, it would be harder.

I snapped that photo and moved on - at a snails pace of course. Which was hard, because I kept speeding up... I wanted to ride, dammit... then my ribs would hurt... I finished that lap, though, and packed up for the house...

It was pretty hard shunt! The damage: sore shoulder, very bruised ribs on my left side, a knot on my hip, and a scrape on my ankle from catching the handlebar grip. I haven't had the wind knocked out of me since (I think) 10th grade on the football field! Forgot what that felt like!

As I drove home I got stiffer and stiffer. Damn, a hot shower felt reeealllly good.


Despite being sore, I made my way to see Yonder Mountain String Band at Warehouse Live.

My goal was not to move, but dang, how could I just stand around with this goove going on? I didn't, thanks to large amounts of alkeehol and some pain relievers I had. Had to hang around the back of the house, as everytime I'd get bumped by someone in the crowd the tinges of pain would shoot through the ol' ribs.

Ran into a couple of old friends I haven't seen in a while, and that was a bonus. One snuck up behind me and gave me a big hug. OOOUUCHHH! She didn't know, and I think I scared her with my shreek! Of course everyone took great delight in trying to make me laugh - which hurt like heck, too. Lots of smiles!

It was a good show, and it probably did me some good to get out and move around. The bluegrass music was theraputic for my soul, if not my body. Unfortunately had to call it an early night, as the pain relievers were wearing off.

Not feeling too bad today, but still sore as heck. Hoping to be back on the bike by Wednesday.