Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thursday Night Fun

Thursday's evening began with a short trainer ride. With the cold and clouds, it was good day to be indoors! The ride went like this :

  • 0:30 E2, endurance pace, mostly as a warmup
  • 0:45 S1, spin-ups. Spin as fast as possible without bouncing holding cadence for 30-sec, then 5-min recovery.
  • 0:?? Isolated legs. Spin using one leg only until fatigued. Switch sides, repeat 5X
  • 0:45 M1 muscular enduance pace

Let me tell you those isolated leg spins are taxing! And this workout is definately deceptively harder than it appears. I learned both the Spin-ups and iso-legs are best done on the trainer.

After a quick shower me and a couple of friends headed out to see Mingo Fishtrap over at Warehouse Live. As always, they were good, but the crowd was pretty dead. Not a suprise for Houston on a Thursday night. They were opening for Bob Schneider, so it was an early night. I can't stand Bob Schneider.

I snuck out of work early on Friday to take a ride before dark. I set out with plan in hand, but the legs were mushy from Thrusday's trainer bout. I kept going, but just rode for fun, and didn't bother with anything serious. It was still a two hour ride at or above base endurance pace. Took a cruise down the White Oak Bayou trail. It was mostly abandoned because of the cold.

Came home when it got too cold and too dark, and did some stretching.