Sunday, December 30, 2007

Saturday Malaise & Sunday Hoorays

It isn't too often you'll find me spending an entire day sedatentary. Saturday was one of those days. It was cold, damp, cloudy, and gloomy. A great day to curl up on the couch with a movie. It was not a planned Rest & Restore day, but I made it into one anyway. It felt great!

Luckily, Sunday was a BEAUTIFUL day. Almost 70°F, clear, and not too windy. Great day for an afternoon ride. I rode the Hieghts loop...

And took the obligatory shadow picture. Atleast it didn't scare me like last time! *click*

And I rode down the White Oak Bayou trail. The Bayou was really clear. You could see tons of fish swimming around. I'm not sure I've ever seen it that clear. Neat!

My nutrition hasnt' been good lately! Hey, its the holidays! I have to be very careful with my nutrition and timing of meals because I'm running a small calorie defecit. Still trying to drop about 10-lbs before the middle of the spring season. Next week I'm focusing on getting better food into my engine!

Today, as part of my grand eating plan, I visited Canino's on Airline. This place is the BOMB for produce. After visiting here, you'll never buy from a regular grocery store, except under duress. Everything is so much fresher. Cheaper too. I ended up with an enitre shopping cart full of fruits and vegetables, nuts, dried fruit, and trail mix for less than $30.