Friday, December 21, 2007

Great Day Numero Deux

Todays ride plan:
30 min E2 (Zone 3, endurance)
10X Spin-ups. Ride at maximum cadence as long as possible with 1 minute rest between
20 min E2 endurance pace
30 sec maximum (race start) efforts followed by 3 min rest. Repeat 5X
Finish at E2 endurance pace
Total time: 2h30m

For the second time this week I had to stop short. Tonight, by 15-minutes. Just too hungy! My muscles were too far used up. I'm going to have to take a hard look at my nutrition, especially pre-ride. I ate 6 Clif Shot Bloks, and 2 Clif Shot Gels during the ride. But I started out hungry. Bad idea.

My legs were really tight after my ride. When my legs are this tight, its a good sign that I will be sore the next day. I want to get some hours in this weekend without soreness. So, it was time for my post-ride treatment technique.

I made my usual recovery drink of whey protien and OJ, and went in to the bath tub. Then I ran straight cold water into the tub until it covered my legs and hung out shivering, shriveling, and shinking for about 15 minutes. This really makes hte legs stiff, but refreshed. This is followed by a quick warm shower.

The cold water treatement really helps! It sucks while you are sitting in the cold water. But it's worth it, and the shrinkage is reversable!

Looking to get in a few miles tomorrow before the holiday travels begin!