Thursday, December 20, 2007

Couldn't Be Better!

Five days until Christmas, and I was riding in shorts and a short sleeved jersey! Man, I love the Gulf Coast! One of the things I like about blogging is that it gives me a reason to shoot pictures. I once worked as a photographer, and I miss it sometimes. I tried some self-portraits on the bike. These are not easy!

This eve's ride was muscular endurance ride. My particular goals were to keep a steady cadance, no stopping and consistant heart rate. Goal time 2h30m. Of course, I did squeeze in some fun. I did the King Biscuit drop 3 times. This is one of my favorite places along White Oak Bayou. It's pretty steep, and I can get some pretty respectable speed on the downside.

Why do we call it the "King Biscuit Drop"? Because that's the King Biscuit restaurant at the top!

After this I ran over to Heights Blvd to do some loops. Naturally, it turned dark, but the riding went well. The legs were downright snappy tonight!

The only difficulty was not letting the heart rate creep up too high. I did play some games with passing cars though.

Riding laps on a single street can be boring. So, I play a little goofey game. Every time a car turns from the neutral ground and parallel beside me, I accelerate with the car and try to keep up with them as long as I can! When they pull away, I go back to my base miles.

After a recovery drink, I made some pita pizzas for dinner. Now, I'm sipping on a beer.

This is the epitome of a great day!


Jane said...

Have a great holiday. My bro and I are going back to Welsh. I'm okay, some abdominal surgery, but doing okay. I walked today. Not sure when I can get back on a bike or swim though. Is that King biscuit place any good? Car looks great, stew looks great, invoice looks..interesting - did that go along with the erection devices??
Have a good one. Need to go biking with you in Huntsville.