Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's Like Christmas For My @$#

When I bought the Stumpy last year, I did a good deal of reading online. Almost everyone loved the bike, but almost everyone hated the spec saddle. I kept the spec saddle, and yes, it made my booty hurt. For me it was hard to judge if this was the saddle's fault or my derrière’s. I hadn't been riding with any regularity so my backend was going to be tender regardless. Anything short of a Laz-y-Boy was going to hurt - some. I can't stand blaming equipment for personal weakness - that's what wimpos do!

However, after the long base rides of the past three weeks, my bahonkus has had it! I ended up with four days of rest over the weekend due to the Petite LeMans ALMS race. Got back on the bike and my @#$ still hurts! The legs feel great and have recovered but not the buttocks. I'm not letting my assular endurance be a limiter to my training. After nine months of regular riding, I'm pretty sure it's the saddle not my wimpiness. So, I ordered a new saddle...

…which was delivered by FedEx today!

No matter how old you get opening a package filled with a goodie still feels good!

The saddle is a Specy Phenom. It came highly recommended by several people, and the cost was reasonable. I'll install it tonight. Full report to follow shortly…


Jane said...

Specialized makes good saddles. I have one that i barely feel - it's awesome!