Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sometimes You're Up, Sometimes You're Down

Sometime within minutes... Part of my regular lap lies along Heights Blvd. There's a nice bike lane that gets used a lot. Today I caught a roadie, who was dressed up in full kit! On a mountain bike that's quite a feat. I considered jumping on his wheel to draft, then realized, I don't really know how to draft! I realized that he's probably on a recovery ride. Or just really slow. Don't get smug I thought to myself...

I made the turn at 20th and headed south. I saw someone gaining on me very rapidly. It wasn't the guy I cought northbound. I threw an eye over the shoulder to know when to let him by. Before I expected he was really close. ... obviously a roadie I thought to myself. I moved over and gave way... he was on a mountain bike ... couldn't even tell what kind because he blew by me so fast! No danger of smugness after that... ;-)