Sunday, August 26, 2007

Great Shorts Debacle II

I went on an early morning quest for bike shorts. My first stop was a certain (nameless) bike shop, that appeared from it's online pictures to have a great selection. Unfortunatly, it was quite a drive from the house. Upon arriving, they had a grand total of 3 pairs of bike shorts. None of which fit. Hmm... So off to another store...across town peruse their selection. They had a couple of pairs of shorts, same as I own, and I like them, so I bought two more pairs.

Now, when I was checking out the guy at the store says "Did you try these, on they are sized kind of wierd." I found this out with the Great Shorts Debacle I. I quickly dismissed him, "Yeah, I've got the same pair at home, I'm just getting the same size". So I thought! I get home and checked the tags of my older shops... nope... not the same, so back to the store for an exchange.


Because of a misunderstanding about the time/location of a wedding, I ended up with no time to ride. So went over to my buddy Brett's place. I wouldn't even mention it, but doing so gives me a chance to post a picture of his dog Kerri...


My friends Kristi and Matt knotted up Saturday night. The ceremony was beautiful. Bride and groom were beautiful and handsome, respectively. Here's the happy couple arriving at the reception. Aren't they a great looking couple?

I had to put up a pic of my friends Bryan and Sarah, just be cause they looked so sharp. I'll be attending these kiddo's wedding in November...

I don't know if Lake Chuck will be the same after that wedding!