Thursday, June 28, 2007

Late Night Ride

Took a late night ride through the neighborhood. It was full moon tonight...
As I cruised through the neighborhood, I came across a dark block. My first thought was that a couple of street lights were out. But then I noticed none of the houses had lights either. Apparently, the electricity was off for some reason.

It was kinda creepy... so I'm riding down the darkened block and I can just barely make out someone crossing the street right in front of me, and were on a collision course! I grab the brakes and throw the bike into a tail slide to change diretions. The person goes right into my new path!! YIKES! SO, I unclip from my pedals, and I'm getting ready for the impending crash. I'm about a microsecond from jumping off the bike and then... I realize... the person I was about ot hit... was my own shadow!! It was nothing but an optical illusion created by the darkenss and the moon shining through the trees...

I'm claming oxygen deprivation to the brain from riding so hard!! After I realized I wasn't about to have a bunch of road rash I cracked up... then I realized that if no one in the neighborhood had electricity and had the windows open they probably heard me laughing hysterically - alone - riding down their street... I must have looked like a lunatic. I quickly fled the scene!