Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Shorts Debacle

I bought a pair of Sugoi Pilot shorts the other day. I'm typically between a large and X-large size. So, I bought the large size. Mistake. They wouldn't come past my knees! Arrgh.

Back to the store for an exchange.

They didn't have an X-large. I exchanged for a pair of XX-large. Since the large was so small, I thought they might fit. Nope. Way too big. The chamois was halfway to my knees.

Back to the store for an exchange.

Since they didn't have my size, I ended up getting a pair of Sugoi Gustavo shorts - X-large size. They were a bit more expensive. But they fit well. The chamois is much nicer than the Pilots’. I guess that's why they were more expensive.
The inner liner is only attached to the shell by two small straps. This makes them hard to put on. So I cut the straps to separate the liner from the shell. First, it makes them easier to put on. Secondly, I can wear the liner with a different shell if I want - or wear just the shell without the liner. Often I wear regular biking shorts under regular athletic shorts when biking. I can use the Gustavo shorts the same way now. Not a bad deal.