Thursday, June 21, 2007

Childish Ride

I started out tonight's ride with a serious goal. To work on on my low speed handling.

I started with the following:

Max Braking - Build up a healthy speed and stop as fast as possible. Concentrate on getting weight back, and using the front brake to the max. Do not touch the ground until as late as possible.

Braking Turns - Build up a good speed, hit the brakes, and turn as tightly as possible while continuing to brake. Tighten up the radius as much as possible as you slow down.

I did about 10 of these and then I decided to proceed to track stands. Track stands are where you attempt to stand on the bike but not go anywhere. I just read a great how-to HERE the other day. (Yes, I know it's a girls site, but the advice applies to all). While practicing, I remembered doing this when I was a kid, long before I even knew what a track stand was. I "discovered" the idea of track stands naturally, playfully. Discovered because they are fun!

Reminded that this bike thing is about fun, I decided to spend the rest of my ride goofing off! I jumped, hopped, wheelied, buzzed everything I could find within 8 blocks around the house! It was a blast! Bonus was I still accomplished my goal of working on my bike handling! Never, ever, forget to have fun like a child!