Monday, May 21, 2007

Sport-Wash Works for Cycling Clothes

I stumbled on Sport-Wash while at the grocery store. It proports to do all sorts of miracle things to high-performance clothing (like cycle wear). My first thought was "yeah right". I've been using plain ol' dish soap, and it seemingly did an okay job. It isn't cheap either - about $8/bottle. But against my skepticism, I decided to try it.

I followed the bottle's directions. They were similar to how I normally washed by garmets. But, the water was about twice as dark as usual with dirt!! Chck it out ya'll. Kinda gross how much grot was hanging around in my clothes. My guess is, this stuff releases the dirt better than regular detergents.

Whatever it does, it got my clothes much cleaner than regular detergent. I had noticed that my jerseys would funkify after wearing them just a short while. That's not happening anymore! Worth the cost!