Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Supposed to be Tiring

The beginning of a season is all about restarting the engine. Training is like a drug. Consistant dosage turns into tolerance. Only tolerance and resulting dosage increase is a good thing. Overdose is bad of course. I've done nothing special for recovery. No massage, no foam rolling, no Biofreeze. I'm accumulating enough fatigue that it's time to start paying attention to recovery.

Not recovering adequately makes for tired legs. My hamstrings are tight. My glutes sore. The ride mission today... go easy. Just enough to recover. Stay in Zone 1. At first I'm struggling to keep the cadence above 70. Tight hamstrings has the form... bad. It takes a good 30-minutes before things get better.


Things get a lot better. The legs loosen up. The glutes stop burning. The form gets better. The cadence comes up. I keep the power low. This is just an easy reocvery ride. Nice and easy. But still fun.

16/355 - Happy.

And I'm getting due for an easy week. I think I've got one more week left in me if I'm careful.